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Meet the Team of

Gary Cobb


gazaGary is the type of guy who dosen't take no for an answer until the answer is found.


Originally from Florida in the United States, he moved to Australia in 1990. Diving back in the early 1970s was the start of his love of the ocean. Having surfed for many years the ocean has always "been there".


After giving up a long successful adventure in skydiving (5100 jumps) Gary decided to get back into diving. After being shown a red and white spotted Nudibranch on a wreck in Vanuatu the addiction started. He found that it was impossible to remember Nudibranchs and get accurate identifications. So he bought a Nikon Coolpix 5000 with Subal housing and his quest to discover all the Nudibranchs in his "backyard".


Gary also wants to enlighten, educate and make everyone who will listen, about Nudibranchs. You could say he is obsessed!


world recordA graphic designer, artist and photographer by profession for many years, has helped in his quest by designing and building a book and website about Nudibranchs.


Besides being "excited" about Nudibranchs, Gary likes to dive every weekend Rock climb. Always 'on the go' takes Gary somewhere out-there! Hiking is a fav pastime too.


<- A World Record for the Longest Submergence on a single 12L tank of air was broken on Sept 2003 by Greg Riddell and Gary at Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore Sunshine Coast Australia. They broke the record with a time of 7 hours 40 minutes and 14 seconds.












Nudibranch webmaster Gary Cobb

All photographs and content © 2003-2023 Gary Cobb and contributing photographers