Nudibranchs - Sunshine Coast etc. / m11922b
All photos Copyright ©2003-2023 Gary Cobb and contributing photographers
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Melibe japonica Eliot, 1913
Location: Mooloolah River, La Balsa Park, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia
Size: 750 mm
Depth: 5.5 m
Temperature: 28 C

FAMILY: Tethydidae

white purple


Photographs by Gary Cobb, David Parker, Collen McGrath, Tim and Sandy - Copyright 2003-2023

Above: 900 mm long egg mass

Below: Large animal found in the Mooloolaba marina 04-2017 by Tim and Sandy of 'Virgil'

Below: Large animal found by Collen McGrath 14-02-2008 Moreton Bay Boat Club, Scarborough