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All photos Copyright ©2003-2023 Gary Cobb and contributing photographers
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Glossodoris sp. 5
Location: Big Cat Mountain, Moreton Island, Queensland Australia
Size: 70 mm
Depth: 26 m
Temperature: 19 C
FAMILY: Chromodorididae
brown blue green
Photograph by Gary Cobb - Copyright 2003-2023

NOTE: 10/08/2018 This species was previously listed here as Glossodoris cincta. Recent DNA sequencing and morphological
examinations have revealed that there is a group of cryptic and sub-cryptic species not previously recognized.
There is some difficulty in recognising the true Glossodoris cincta but it is believed to be found in the western Indian Ocean.
To date only one specimen that might be that species has been recorded (from Mauritius) since the original description by Bergh in 1888.

Below: another animal found at Shellacey Reef 28-12-2012

Below: another animal found at Flindres Reef Moreton Island 19-02-12

Below: another animal found at Northwest Reef Old Woman Island 28-11-11

Below: 50 mm animal found on the bommie on the Wall Old Woman Island 04-07-2011. Have not seen this species in a long time!