Nudibranchs - Sunshine Coast etc. / 5687
All photos Copyright ©2003-2021 Gary Cobb and contributing photographers
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Goniobranchus splendidus (Angas, 1864)
[Previously known as Chromodoris splendida]
Location: Old Woman Island, Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba, Queensland Australia
Size: 50 mm
Depth: 15 m
Temperature: 21 C
FAMILY: Chromodorididae
white red yellow
Photographs by Gary Cobb and David Mullins- Copyright 2003-2021

Here is an endoparasitic copepod Splanchnotrophus brevipes which lives in seaslugs, with the sausage-shaped egg sacs of the females protruding from the body of the slug.

Below: Many were found on the wreck HMAS Brisbane, here is one without red spots!