Nudibranchs - Sunshine Coast etc. / b8344w
All photos copyright ©2003-2018 Gary Cobb, David Mullins, Terry Farr and Julie Schubert
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Hypselodoris roo Gosliner & R. Johnson in Epstein, 2018
Location: Shellacey Reef, Mooloolaba, Queensland Australia
Size: 22 mm
Depth: 16 m
Temperature: 26 C

FAMILY: Chromodorididae


New Record sthrn Queensland

Photographs by Gary Cobb and David Mullins - Copyright 2003-2018

above: NOTE gills have a 'flat outer side' with white bits, unlike Hypselodoris obscura which is not.

Above: Hypselodoris kanga found with 2 Okenis hallucigenia in background found at Nudi Retreat