Nudibranchs - Sunshine Coast etc. / 6307a
All photos Copyright ©2003-2019 Gary Cobb and contributing photographers
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Dendrodoris fumata (Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830)
Location: Alexandra Headland, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia
Size: 9-20 mm
Depth: Intertidal found under rock
Temperature: 26 C
FAMILY: Dendrodorididae

Photograph by Gary Cobb, David Mullins and Terry Farr - Copyright 2003-2019

Below: a 40 mm animal - orange colour-form with darker orange mottiing found at Shellacey Reef 08-10-2018


Below: 50 mm animal - black colour-form -found Mooloolah River La Balsa Park night dive 11-01-2017

Below: 20 mm animal found intertidally at Kings Beach boat ramp east side

This dendrodoris has four colour forms – orange-red (which this one is), yellow, grey and black.
D. fumata is so variable that all these four points of difference you have picked up (white mantle margin, no markings or specks or blotches on mantle,
gill stalks and bases are white and found in deep water) (see below, 32mm found in 18m of water at Coles Hole off Mooloolaba) can be attributed to as intraspecific variation.
Richard Willan

10 mm speciman found at Kings Beach intertidal area

Alexandra Headland Sunshine Coast Australia