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Neville Coleman Legacy

In memory of Neville Coleman, an extraordinary underwater explorer, who dedicated his life to marine life education and conservation. Jorina van der Westhuizen manages theNeville Coleman Legacy and continues to provide a service to all who are interested in collecting Neville Coleman's Marine Life ID publications.

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About the Explorer

Neville Coleman 1938-2012
Neville Coleman OAM was a living legend and a pioneer of ocean exploration. An Australian marine life author, publisher, naturalist, photographer and educationist. In 2007 he was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and in 2011 he was awarded the prestigious Medal of the Order of Australia for 'service to conservation and the environment'.

Neville Coleman has left the world richer from his discoveries and has created a unique visual Legacy for future generations to treasure.

"The future of the World of Water depends entirely on us. Unless we accept the responsibility and endeavour to change our attitudes towards its welfare today, the children of tomorrow will only mirror our ignorance. They deserve a better inheritance – after all, they have to live with and attempt to correct our mistakes. They can only do this if we give them a legacy worthy of their belief."
- Neville Coleman OAM

'Footsteps in the Sea'

Towards achieving Neville Coleman's vision the Neville Coleman Legacy was instituted and recently has undergone some administrative changes.

The Neville Coleman Collection:

Jorina van der Westhuizen has passed over care of the actual resource, to be known as The Neville Coleman Collection, to David Mullins who is now the legal custodian of all the images. David's responsibility is to maintain, preserve and provide approved access to The Collection with the ultimate aim to digitize the images and having The Collection stored and accessible through an established library.


Jorina will continue to develop and produce all of the publications based on the resource and to maintain the Neville Coleman Legacy website. Fish ID and Flatworm ID Apps are available in iTunes and Android stores. Hazardous Marine Life eBook series for iPad.

Be assured that the aims of the Neville Coleman Legacy remain unchanged and that is solely to realize Neville Coleman's vision and dream.

"Learning is the greatest adventure.
Welcome to the journey.
You only grow, by what you know"

- Neville Coleman OAM